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Turn fallen leaves into compost

Our dedicated landscape team isn’t just keeping our grounds beautiful, they’re champions of sustainability! By creatively turning fallen leaves into compost, we’re significantly reducing waste and nurturing the environment in several ways. This homemade compost is then used to cultivate fresh and healthy vegetables.

The Benefits of Composting:
• Waste Reduction
• Thriving Gardens, Naturally: Our homemade compost nourishes the soil, improving its structure, fertility, and overall health. This allows our gardens to flourish, even with long-term, generous compost application.
• A Breath of Fresh Air: Composting reduces pollution and helps us create more green spaces, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment for everyone.
• Smart Savings: By making our homemade compost, we eliminate the need to purchase fertilizers and coconut coir, saving both money and resources.

We turn fallen leaves into compost in just 60 days. This eco-friendly process starts by mixing leaves with animal manure and veggie scraps and letting nature do its thing in just 60 days.

First airport hotel in Southeast Asia to achieve Green Key Certification
Our team’s dedication has earned us the prestigious Green Key certification. This recognition celebrates our commitment to environmental responsibility and positions us as a leader in sustainable tourism. We’re proud to be at the forefront of eco-conscious practices within the industry.

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