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Taste of Abalone

Discover the Chinese emperor’s great ingredients ‘Abalone’at Golden Village


‘Abalone’, the supreme and rare ingredient served from the sea. With its soft and bouncy texture and naturally sweet flavour persuade many tasters willing to taste it once. Abalone is also known as a precious food containing high protein and natural collagen which is beneficial for bones and helps in avoiding heart disease. It is an excellent choice to get both flavorful and valuable in one dish to nourishing your whole body.


Golden Village invites you and your family members to try one of the healthiest ingredients in Chinese ancient treatise ‘Abalone’ which has been cooked in an intricate way blended together with a modern cooking style. Enjoy the moment with six menu items made from abalone. Stimulate your appetite with ‘Steamed prawn and abalone dumpling’ on top with truffle and abalone sauce to create a modern feeling to the dish. ‘Steamed noodle roll with abalone’ served with oil blanched kale to create an aromatic wok scent, on top of abalone sauce. Meet chef’s signature dish ‘Stewed abalone served with lemon and X.O. dressing’ with two different dressings, they complement each other and create complex flavors to the dish. Another chef’s recommended ‘Double boiled black chicken soup with abalone and cordyceps’, the truly healthy dish where the chef has collected the healthy ingredients together, and with the mind taste of the soup this menu is perfect! Chinese people believed that every ingredient must be meaningful and auspicious in every dish. Therefore, Golden Village would suggest ‘Slow-cooked goose feet and abalone in red gravy’. End the abalone season with Hokkien and Cantonese style dish ‘Baked rice with abalone’ a bowl of aromatic baked rice with Chinese spices in a clay pot.

Pull up a chair, take a taste of abalone at Golden Village Chinese restaurant from 19-25 May 2022 from 11.30  – 14.30 hrs. Price starts from THB 320. KTC, Krungsri and Citibank credit cardholders receive 20% discount  (maximum 4 persons/card) and ALL Members receive 2X reward points and Accor Plus members received 10% on-top discount.




Discover the Chinese emperor’s great ingredients ‘Abalone’ at Golden Village
Restaurant:                           Golden Village, Lobby Floor
Date:                                      19-25 May 2022
Service Hour:                       11.30 – 14.30 hrs.
Price :                                    Starts from THB 320
Special benefits:                 KTC, Krungsri and Citibank credit cardholders receive 20% discount  (maximum 4 Persons/card) and  ALL Members receive 2X points and Accor Plus members received 10% on-top discount.
Reservation:                        02-1311111 or

LINE:                                    @Novotelairportbkk

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