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Durian Addiction

“Durian Addiction” Feel the taste of fragrance from The King of Fruits at Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel

Summer is here! The hot summer weather always reminds us of the ‘Durian’ season. Welcome back to the return of the King of Thai Fruit with its soft texture and unique aroma. And with all pleasure, we would love to offer all durian lovers various creative drinks and desserts made from durian. Get yourself ready; come and try our special menus at Le Gourmet and Touchdown Sports Bar, Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel.

We are proud to present the delicate mild taste with a gentle aroma of durian syrup on the six drinks menu. First, start with ‘Durian Passion Almond Milk Frappe’. An appealing drink for healthy people. Starting the tastiness with the unique aromatic taste of durian syrup which has a flavorful blending with almond milk. Top up the drink’s texture with the crispy durian. This drink is another option to enjoy the tastiness while staying healthy. Boost up your energy with the coffee menu ‘Durian illy Affogato’, a shot of espresso illy coffee with thin aromatic durian syrup served with vanilla ice cream and on top with crispy durian. To increase the level of deliciousness for this menu, we suggest you pour the coffee onto the ice cream before drinking. Tea lovers, don’t be upset, ‘Durian Cha-Thai’ is ready for you to try. For those who want something more refreshing, we have two sparkling drink menus to boost yourself up from this scorching weather. The camera eats first! ‘Durian Swizzle Perrier’ a photogenic glass of mocktail drink with the sweet and sourness of lemon, durian and butterfly pea syrup with a fizzy flavour from Perrier sparkling mineral natural water; this drink is perfect! ‘TWG Earl Grey Durian Tonic’ the opposite version of mocktail compared to Durian Swizzle Perrier, with a trace of bitterness from tonic water making the durian aroma shines up. Ending the parade of drinks with the one and only cocktail menu ‘Pink Sanaeha Society’ is a perfect combination of durian, grape and rose scents from a syrup mix. While you are drinking, sipping the soft floated foam along with the drink will give you a mild and gentle flavour.

Dear durian lovers, let’s get exciting! We have selected high quality durians to create special ten dessert items. Start the parade with small cakes, ‘Durian and Milk Cheese Pudding’ a creamy smooth milk cheese pudding with light aromatic of durian scent. ‘Durian Opera Cake’ an almond sponge cake layered with durian buttercream and chocolate ganache, decorated with rocher and gold leaf, has delicious elements in one bite. Vegan, please enjoy! A ‘Durian and Chocolate Mousse Cake’ is only for you to try. Need to share? Don’t worry, grab our pound cake! We are serving you three tasty cakes suitable for sharing with your loved ones. Eating no worries, a gluten-free cake, ‘Durian Chiffon Cake’ is available to try. We also have ‘Durian Cheese Cake’ and ‘Durian Coconut Mousse’ mild taste of durian and coconut mousse, along with a soft, smooth and fluffy cake base, making this cake feel like you’re eating a real durian! The deliciousness never comes to an end! Allow us to serve you freshly baked pastry special for durian season with altogether four items. For those who are looking for a perfect choice that goes very well with coffee or tea, we would recommend you ‘Durian Jalousie’ a crispy baked puff with durian filling, a good aromatic of butter smell is well blended with durian aroma ‘Durian Éclair’ and ‘Durian Macaroon’ with two fillings, white chocolate durian filling and chocolate ganache durian filling. End the journey with crispy and freshly baked croissant filled with durian filling inside and on top with crispy fried durian, which creates various textures. ‘Durian Croissant’.

Stay tuned, grab one drink, get one dessert and enjoy Durian Addiction through this May 2022 at Le Gourmet and Touchdown Sports Bar, starting at only 60 baht.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with 02-121-1111 or email or LINE@ at @novotelairportbkk.

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