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Coconut Addiction

Freshen up your day through “Coconut Addiction” with a variety of drinks and desserts created from young coconut at Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel.


A homemade freshly baked that is ready to serve you. Let’s explore the fresh and sweet atmosphere of tropical style through a variety of drinks and creative dessert menus created from a sweet fragrant young coconut, tropical fruit with its rich and refreshing unique taste, which contains an abundance of natural vitamins and minerals to helps promote glow skin including refreshing and quenches thirst. We are ready to serve you this juicy sweetness on this month at Le Gourmet.


Starts your brightened morning with ‘Coco Illy Americano’ hot Illy coffee made from Arabica beans and fresh coconut juice to refresh and rejuvenate you all day. Take a sip on ‘Jasmine MOM’s Love’ to cherish the love of mum during this month of Thai Mother’s Day with fragrant jasmine tea from TWG served in a cocktail glass and garnished with a jasmine garland that will remind you of the woman you love the most every time you sip your tea. Health lovers love this! ‘AVO-COCO Smoothies’, a vegan-friendly smoothie drink made from oat milk blended with avocado and coconut juice that tastes and smells perfectly. Experience the beach holiday atmosphere in one glass with ‘Blue Coco Splash’, a refreshing cocktail without alcohol from Perrier, pineapple juice and coconut syrup while elevating the aroma to another level for this drink from mint leaves and lemon. Last but not least, drink till you drop with ‘Coco Basil Smash’ an aromatic cocktail from the scent of basil, coconut syrup with pineapple juice and fresh lemon that is perfectly matched with Phuket organic rum from Chalong Bay. And many more flavours await to surprise you at Le Gourmet.


Coconut lovers don’t want to miss out on desserts at Le Gourmet. There is nothing more trippy than “Coconut and Pineapple Mousse”, a vegan menu with delicate coconut mousse contrasting with the sweet and sour taste of the pineapple jam that you will never get bored. “Coconut Malibu” just only the name is worth trying! Soft and moist sponge cake with white coconut cream and young coconut meat in every bite. For the gluten-free menu, the cashew nut cake offers a crunchy, chewy flavour that contrasts dark chocolate’s intensity with the sweetness of coconut cream in “Coconut & Chocolate Cake”. Come to the dessert that no one wouldn’t know with ” Coconut Éclair” imagine coconut cream in the middle of a pastry, coconut flakes and coconut meat bases that are ready to explode deliciously in every bite. And many other dessert menus, such as “Pandan Coconut Cake”, a green cake that catches the eye and tastes even better. “Coconut Custard Pie” Luscious coconut cream, on top with chewy colourful coconut jelly. And finally, the most popular desserts, bite-sized pieces. Add the sweetness to the succulent taste of the coconut in this “Coconut Macaroon” only.


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