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Restaurants & Bars

A world of glamorous tastes and textures. Major cuisines of the world converge to create a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience. Rather than a fusion of the East and West, Novotel Bangkok Airport introduces culinary journeys that draw out the best from each continent. From Europe, the Mediterranean to Asia, each journey offers a tantalizing sensation that will linger both on the palate and in the mind.
  • golden-village

    Golden Village


    A majestic setting that evokes the splendour of Imperial China. Wood-panelled doors, hand-painted...

  • touchdown-sports-bar

    Touchdown Sports Bar


    The only sports bar at Suvarnabhumi area for sports lover to hang out offers a full variety of...

  • the-square

    The Square


    Find a 24/7 international restaurant where you will find a wide selection of international...

  • sala-thai

    Sala Thai


    The authentic Thai dish that will tempt your palate. Bangkok is a foodie’s heaven. It is...

  • kinsen



    A high class restaurant with quality service. Raw fish slices melt into your mouth. This...

  • atrium-lounge

    Atrium Lounge


    Set in the hotel’s lobby, this alcove with an enchanted ambience serves brilliant cocktails and...

  • le-gourmet

    Le Gourmet


    With a sophisticated selection of homemade French pastries, croissants and confectionery, Le...

  • splash-pool-bar

    Splash Pool Bar


    Discover the outdoor swimming pool with the service of a wide range of beverages and delicious...

  • international-buffet

    International buffet

    Give yourself a try on our mouth-watering and exquisite international lunch/dinner buffet at The Square restaurant. Be spoilt with our wide selection of seafood and lots of...

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  • all-you-can-eat-dim-sum

    All you can eat Dim Sum

    Explore a variety of homemade dim sum prepared by our experienced and acclaimed chef. Freshly made to order and elegantly served to your table 'All you can eat Dim Sum Lunch'...

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  • sunday-brunch

    Sunday Brunch

    Change you lazy Sunday into a fab and memorable day with us! We proudly invite you to enjoy our famous Sunday Brunch where you will be well-spoilt with a wide selection of Thai...

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  • grouper-fish

    Grouper Fish

    Discover the tastiest of two styles grouper fish perfectly cooked to release the flavour of the aromatics from herb and freshly grouper fillet. There are two styles for you to...

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  • braised-duck-with-honey

    Braised Duck with Honey

    Brilliant dish for duck lovers! Experience a taste of Braised Duck with Honey topped with Tamarind Sauce,  ready to serve you throughout March 2019 at Sala Thai from...

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  • unagi-maki-roll

    Unagi Maki Roll

    Let  your palate bring you to Japan with our special dish, an authentic traditional Sushi Eel Roll with Japanese Sauce served with Miso Soup. Awaits you at KINSEN for lunch and...

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  • flaming-beer

    Flaming Beer

    Signature Touchdown Drink ready for you now! Set your night on fire with Flaming Beer, this is perfect for whether you watch the favorite sports programs on big led screen....

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  • shrimp-skewers-with-bbq-sauce

    Shrimp Skewers with BBQ Sauce

    Very delicious and tasty treat that everyone will love!  Pineapple Paprika Shrimp Skewers served with special BBQ Sauce for you to enjoy! Available  throughout March 2019 at...

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  • chill-chill

    Chill Chill

    Energize yourself with our the signature drink of the month “Chill Chill” combinations mixed with Pampero Blanco Rum, Triple Sec, Lime Juice and Sugar Syrup.  Available at...

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  • tortilla-wrap

    Tortilla Wrap

    Enjoy our must try Tortilla Wrap in two styles for you to choose from “Marinated Chicken Strips, Cheese, Caesar Dressing, Lettuce, Tomato and Onions” or “Spicy Minced...

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  • afternoon-high-tea

    Afternoon High Tea

    Enjoy our Afternoon High Tea Selection, The signature high THB 650, Classic high tea TBH 550, and Chocolate Lovers high tea THB 650.  Makes your afternoon high tea more bubbly...

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  • 50-off-all-cake-and-bakery

    50% off all cake and bakery

    From a business talk to a group of friend reunion, Le Gourmet is a perfect place that suits all occasions. Be well spoilt with a daily baked bakery, pie, cake, macaroon, and...

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  • buy-1-get-1-free-on-draft-beer

    Buy 1 Get 1 Free on draft beer

    Are you looking for an alternative to hangouts? Touchdown Sports Bar is the right one!  The only sports bar at Suvarnabhumi area for sports lover offers a wide range of casual...

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  • banana-walnut-brownie-cake

    Banana Walnut Brownie Cake

    Sweeten up your day with our delicious Banana Walnut Brownie Cake. Feel the taste of equal balanced between chocolate and banana in moist, rich, nutty and crumbly texture. This...

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  • 50-off-all-standard-drink

    50% off all standard drink

    Exhausting after a long flight or a whole day of working? No worry! At atrium lounge, you will find a massive selection of beverages and a light snack. Also, our live band music...

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  • 50-off-draft-beer

    50% off draft beer

    Soak up the sun while enjoying refreshing tropical drinks and snacks by the pool at Splash Pool Bar. Open from 08.00 to 22.00 daily. Sundowner (Happy hours) starts from...

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  • family-benefits

    Family Benefits

    At Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel, your children are our important guests. We have entertainment and play areas for all ages in the lobby, and a gift awaits them...

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